Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Child Porn

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Greetings. I am servant lord Vidian of the Jehovah disciple order. The reason for this letter is to inform the public, the Jehovah disciples' beliefs concerning Child Porn.
To begin with, pornography is:"A picture or video of a person having sexual contact with another person or them self."
When a young girl blossoms and becomes 18, she may legally become a porn star in video or magazines, doing unrighteous acts with a person she is not married to. (This is very offensive to our God Jehovah)
When the young girl in the film "Blue Lagoon" was in the nude being filmed in the water, this is not offensive to Jehovah. Because, she was not having sexual contact with any one.
When the young girl in the film "Exorcist" said, "Let Jesus (BLEEP!!!) You!!!" pretending to stick a crucifix in her holy flower, causing a fake bloody mess between her legs, I felt sick. (This is very offensive to our God)
When the small girl in the film "Monty Python's Meaning of life" stood up naked in the tub when the singer was singing about every sperm being sacred to the Catholic Church, this was not offensive, because even though the song was somewhat perverted, she was in a safe controlled environment where she had no sexual contact.
The simple point is that a little girl can grow up and defile herself by becoming a legal porn star when she is 18, but because the pedophiles are out of control, nude art with children like I listed above is illegal.
I believe in a proposition to the American people that asks permission by the people for the people to begin a government fund for a nude art magazine for every age called American Flower Models.
This building will be protected by police security guards. Since art has no age limit, I will explain the rules for children.
1: Each child must be supervised by their legal guardian. They will go in a private room with their guardian, and dress in a full body spandex suit.
2: When dressed, the child will be taken with their parents to the scanner room. There will be a camera that scans around their entire body and creates a 3d computer model.
3: The child will be taken to their dressing room, and dress only under their guardian's supervision.
4: The 3d model is edited to have a penis or vagina, and nipples and butt crack.
5: Then the computer artist will pose them in artistic ways with backgrounds like a lovely jungle waterfall as the environment. With unicorns and flowers.
6: The guardian and child model will visit clothed to look at the pictures, and choose which they prefer to be in their first magazine.
Each magazine will cost the child model's guardian something like $100 to be processed. Then after each magazine sells, they will receive a percentage of the sale. If the model sells, their guardian will make a lot of money.
are in a recession and many parents or guardians could make a steady income using this idea.
Keep in mind that the American Flower Models magazines are not just of children, but of any age. (For art has no age limit, but pornography young or old is offensive to the God of the Jews)
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